Why You Should Get a Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Get a Real Estate Agent

So you’re buying a house. Should you work with a real estate agent?

Yes! Whether buying or selling a home, a real estate agent has the experience needed to help you through the process. When buying a home, the real estate agent is called the buyer’s agent. When selling a home, the agent is known as the listing agent.

Learn more about how a buyer’s agent can help you land the home of your dreams.

Why Have an Agent Represent the Buyer’s Interests?

The housing market can be tricky. It’s a long and involved process. There also are aspects of the process that can change due to impact from market trends.

Not all buyers know and understand every aspect of the sale and purchase process, and that’s okay. What paperwork is necessary? How do you get pre-approved? What is up for negotiation? And how long will it take to get to move-in day?

Whether you are moving to your first or 15th home, a selling agent can help you get the best deal possible on a home that’s perfect for you.

The expertise of a buyer’s agent can assist you with many aspects of the home-buying process, including:

  • Helping you through negotiations

  • Sharing their knowledge of the home selling process

  • Providing other options for you to consider

  • Advocating on your behalf through the process

Negotiate with a Pro

How many homes have you bought? Not as many as a real estate agent!

Home buying and selling is what a real estate agent does every day. Their experience is key as they navigate you through negotiations and help you to land the best deal on a new home.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at a home that you love but the porch needs work. Your agent might be able to negotiate a lower price, convince the seller to provide an allowance for you to fix the porch upon purchase, or work with the seller to fix the porch as part of the deal.

This is where an agent’s experience is invaluable. They can help you compromise on certain things so you get what you need in your new home.

Tap Into the Knowledge of an Expert

Do you have your eye on a home in a new town or city? You’ve probably done some research into the area, but a real estate agent knows the town they represent inside and out. An agent can provide the best advice for moving to their city.

Real estate agents have experience selling and buying homes in the local town or city you’re considering. While some parts of the process are interchangeable between selling and buying homes, your agent will know what you need to hone in on as a buyer.

During the inspection process, your agent also will know how your location impacts your home. For example, if the area gets a lot of snow, the agent might explain it’s important to pay special attention to the roof.

Let an agent guide you with their local expertise.

Gain More Options

It’s exciting to picture yourself in a home you’ve considered, but sometimes you just can’t work out a deal.

Here’s the good news: your selling agent now knows what you’re looking for and can suggest similar options. They understand your preferences on everything from home style to number of bedrooms to size of yard to type of neighborhood. And they have access to an entire database of homes that provide you with new options.

Lean on your agent for great suggestions on other home options!

Find Your Dream Home

Selling agents are an extremely important part of the home-buying process. Work with an agent who will advocate for your interests and help you negotiate the best deal on a new home.

Contact the The Denise Ramey Team to start the process with a selling agent today.

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