Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for A Showing

Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for A Showing

Getting ready for a showing does not only entail a surface-level clean and a few new throw pillows. You will want to follow these simple tips to help prepare your home for a showing, and doing so will ideally help your home sell to the right buyer!


While cleaning may seem obvious, it is surprising the amount of people who are not adequately preparing their homes for a showing. Cleaning does not only involve surface-level tidying. You will need to deep clean your entire home. You can do this yourself, or depending on the size and intensity of the cleaning that you need to be done, hire a professional cleaner. If you do embark on cleaning your home yourself, utilize YouTube, as well as Google, for cleaning tips and tricks for removing any stubborn stains.

Make sure to declutter your home as well, removing any and all amounts of unnecessary items that don’t add any value to the aesthetic appeal of your home. For example, you should remove shoes that have piled up by doors, and jackets hanging on hooks, and place dishes in the dishwasher. Also, make sure that you organize the closets and cabinets. Anyone coming to see a home typically wants to see the storage as well as the aesthetics.

Yard Preparation

Cleaning does not only stop in the house but also outside as well. You will need to make sure that your yard is tidy. Depending on the season you will need to prepare the yard accordingly, if it is summer or spring time ensure you have mulched flower beds, a mowed yard, and pull any pesky weeds. In Autumn, you should rake the leaves, and remove dead or dying plants. Lastly, in winter, consider adding tasteful Christmas or holiday decorations, and winterized plants to showcase how cozy your home is in the colder months!

Use Good Lighting

Another tip for preparing your home for a showing is utilizing lighting. If you want to elevate the ambiance of your home, you should utilize the lighting in your home properly. So, depending on the style/décor of the room you will adjust the type of lighting. For example, in your kitchen, you should utilize warm white lighting. This will make the space seem cozy and clean. People will see your house throughout the day and if they come at night and a room is dimly lit it will be difficult for them to envision themselves living in that space. Lighting is one of the main ways to make your home more aesthetically pleasing to possible buyers. 

Weather Preparation

While it may seem obvious to prepare your home for showings during bad weather, many people do not take into account that you need to make sure your home is safely accessible to possible buyers. If there is heavy rain, make sure to add towels or a good welcome mat at the entrance of your home for your visitors to use to wipe off their shoes. Doing so will ensure they do not slip while touring your home.

If there is snow make sure to remove it from your driveway and sidewalk. You can also add ice-melting salts to any walking surface that is covered in ice or snow. In summer, have your air conditioning set to cool, in case any of your possible buyers are susceptible to heat. Another nice touch would be adding water bottles for the prospective buyers. Doing all of these weather preparations will help ensure your possible buyers are safe while touring your home.

Leave an Empty Home

When preparing your home for a showing it is very important that your home is empty. Make sure pets are not left inside or in the yard while it is being shown to prospective buyers. If pets get left behind, you risk them barking, getting hurt, or even escaping. For the safety of all involved, it is advised that you remove your pets while having strangers tour your home. This also applies to the homeowner as well, make sure to leave your home when it is being shown. You want the focus to be on the home itself, and don’t want to distract the buyers by being there!

Rely on your Real Estate Agent to be the face of your home when you are not there! That is why having a trusted Real Estate Agent is so important so they can accurately showcase your home.

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