Why Should I Use a Local Real Estate Agent?

Why Should I Use a Local Real Estate Agent?

Buying or selling your home—whether it’s the first time or the fifth—is exciting. It also can be challenging. There are many steps to remember, areas to explore, costs to consider, and preferences to determine.

The good news, you don’t have to work through it alone. We are well-versed in the Charlottesville area and will walk you through the steps of buying or selling a home.

Why Use a Local Agent?

When in Charlottesville, rely on someone who knows the area. Whether you are buying or selling a home, a local real estate agent has the best knowledge of the housing market. We understand home values in the area, know what’s trending, and have connections to services you might need.

Buying a Home

If you are buying a home, you probably have considered must-have and preferred features. How many bathrooms? How big should my yard be? Two floors or one? Then, of course, there are qualities you want in a neighborhood. What school district do you prefer? How close do you want to be to town? From work?  Do you need access to public transportation? And a host of other things to consider.

As your local agent, we know what homes are available and can work with you to meet your preferences. We also know what to look for that might be a detractor, such as mold problems or roof issues. Based on your budget and the features you want, we use our knowledge of the local market to find a home that meets your needs. We have access to all active listings and often know what’s hitting the market before you do.

Our familiarity with the area also can uncover gems you didn’t know you wanted—a popular nearby playground, a great local farmer’s market, or a park with seasonal entertainment. We can help with everything from the best place for fresh produce to the friendliest coffee house in town.

As local agents, we understand what amenities are important to you in the area and can suggest homes that meet those needs.

Selling a Home

It’s also hugely beneficial to rely on an experienced agent when selling your home. As agents in the Charlottesville area, we can help you prepare your home for sale based on what we know from recent housing activity.

As top-producing Charlottesville real estate agents we have the best information on market value, giving you an accurate evaluation of your home. We understand what buyers in the area want and can help you highlight certain characteristics of your home to attract buyers.

When it’s time to prep your house for the market, we will work with you to increase your home’s appeal. We can connect you with other industry professionals to assist in the process. Whether you need lawn, cleaning, or staging services, we can provide strong recommendations to quickly get the job done.

We receive inquiries in our area and can quickly connect your home with the right buyer. Once we make that connection, we will help you with the cumbersome and sometimes emotional negotiation and selling process. We will assist you to weed out unqualified buyers, help you get the best offer, identify any red flags, and get through the necessary inspections and paperwork.

Rely On The Experts

If Charlottesville is the place you want to call home, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and professionalism of our top-rated real estate agents. Rely on The Denise Ramey Team to help you fall in love with your next home or connect you with the right buyer!

Work With Us

The team at Denise Ramey Real Estate has extensive experience in the local market in Central Virginia and the Charlottesville area, allowing you to enjoy a more simplified process. We handle everything in-house, from the first steps of your search through to the final details of the transaction. We leverage our extensive network to benefit buyers and sellers alike, ensuring that your transaction is as simple as possible.

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