New Construction: Is a Realtor Necessary?

New Construction: Is a Realtor Necessary?

You’ve checked out the housing market and decided that you’re more interested in building a house. New construction provides an opportunity to directly influence the look and layout of your home. It also means everything is new, so your home and appliances will be more efficient and require fewer repairs.

But just because you decided to go the new construction route doesn’t mean you can close the door on working with a Real Estate Agent. A new construction real estate agent can offer things in the home buying or building process that you might not consider. They also have experience and connections with local builders.

Before you get too far in the process, consider the benefits of having an expert in your corner.

Real Estate Agent Help with New Construction

When you’re building a home, your real estate agent is the buyer’s agent and the builder, who is the seller, is represented by a builder’s agent.

The builder’s agent has the builder’s best interests in mind. If you are not represented by an agent, you might miss out on negotiations that can help you.

Choose a buyer’s agent for new construction early and tell your builder. The builder is responsible for commission and will need to know that you have an agent representing you.

Real Estate Agents can assist you when building either a fully custom home or choosing a high-volume (or production) home builder. The first means you truly design and build a unique home from scratch. The second means that you purchase a home in a neighborhood of new construction with options for multiple floor plans.

Choosing a Fully Custom Home

Literally building a home from the ground up is exciting! You get to choose it all. But if you have little to no experience with builders, the opportunities can become overwhelming.

A new construction real estate agent has experience with builders and can help you to choose one that works best for you.

When the seemingly unlimited possibilities of building that new home get to be too much, a Real Estate Agent with experience can offer suggestions and guide you. Agents have done this and know what works, what is good for resale, and what might be a frivolous choice. Your agent can offer suggestions on everything from siding to bathroom layouts to finishes in the kitchen.

Architects also are available to offer help with new homes. An architect can whittle down hundreds of options to something more manageable like five or six options based on your preferences.

Your real estate agent can help you choose the right architect for your custom home.

Choosing Model Home New Construction

This route provides the benefits of a brand-new home with a more focused, narrowed down set of options.

Typically, buyers interested in model home new construction start by touring an amped up version of a model home in the up-and-coming new construction neighborhood.

Having a real estate agent by your side can help you make practical choices while reviewing options for your new home. Some features work better for resale. Some might be overpriced and unnecessary. Others could simply be things you want in your home.

Your real estate agent will be sure you cover all the necessary points when considering the features to include in your new construction home.

Buyer’s Agents for New Construction Are There to Help

Whether you choose to build custom or go with model home new construction, a new construction real estate agent is there to represent you.

Their experience will help you through the process with tasks like:

  • Ironing out all details

  • Getting the best price

  • Connecting you with other services and professionals

Your agent will help you get the best deal possible.

Contact an Agent for Help

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