Why First-Time Home Buyers Should Get a Realtor

Why First-Time Home Buyers Should Get a Realtor

You’ve saved money, you’ve done your research, you’ve picked out paint colors, and you’re ready for your first house!

Home ownership is an exciting experience. But it also can be stressful to find that perfect place as you navigate costs, taxes, paperwork, inspections, and more.

Fortunately, working with a skilled Real Estate Agent can help to make the first-time home buying experience easier. Let a professional guide you through the process.

Why should you get a Real Estate Agent?

First-time home buyers make up more than a third of all home buyers, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. When buying your first home, there are many situations and considerations you might not predict:

  • How much can you afford?

  • Do you qualify for a special loan program, such as FDA or VA?

  • How much should your down payment be?

  • What other costs are involved in the purchase beyond the mortgage?

  • What can you negotiate?

This is where the experience of a Real Estate Agent is vital! Of course a Real Estate Agent can help you search for a home, but they also provide their expertise with negotiations and the purchasing process.

Rely on a real estate professional to guide you from home search to final purchase. Their understanding of the market, search process, paperwork, and timeline will make your home buying experience easier and keep you on track.

Searching for Your Perfect Home

Nearly all home buyers use online tools to search for a home. The internet is a fantastic place to start, but a real estate professional has access to additional information that can help you as you search.

Eighty-seven percent of home buyers worked with a Real Estate Agent to purchase their home, and more than half said they chose to work with an agent to help them find the home that was just right for them.

A Real Estate Agent typically has access to the multiple listing service (MLS)—a vast database of homes for sale. The MLS provides a Real Estate Agent with more options and information than you can get on your own. When you talk with your Real Estate Agent about your home preferences, neighborhoods that you like, your budget, etc., they can identify homes in the MLS that meet your expectations.

Through their professional network, Real Estate Agent also often know of homes that will be listed for sale before the information is public. If a soon-to-be-home meets your needs, the Real Estate Agent can often give you early access.

It’s not unusual to fall in love with a home and watch the seller take another offer. What then?

Your Real Estate Agent can look at the features you wanted in that house and apply that to their home search, locating other homes based on those preferences that provide a great alternative.

Negotiating the Right Offer

Once you find that home of your dreams, it’s time to make an offer! But do you know what you can negotiate in the purchase of a new home?

You’re doing this for the first time, but a real estate agent has helped to purchase homes countless times. They have represented many clients during their career and know what to look for in a contract.

A Real Estate Agent can help you determine the best way to negotiate a reasonable offer on the house. Depending on your needs and the home, they also might suggest negotiating:

  • Home repairs

  • Timeframe for closing

  • Home warranty

  • Fees and expenses

Lean on a Real Estate Agent for their expertise in this area. They know specific things that can be added to the contract and what issues to look out for.

Understanding the Inspection Process

Have you ever purchased new clothes or shoes from the store only to realize that when you return home to wear them, they have defects, tears, or stains that you missed?

When that happens, you make a return. When you purchase a home and miss defects or repairs, you’re stuck with them.

No matter how perfect a home might look on the outside, there might be more going on inside that can be revealed by a proper inspection. Real estate agents are very familiar with this process. Plus, they have connections with skilled inspectors in the area.

A typical home inspection is extensive, reviewing the interior and exterior of the home. It will cover the foundation, electrical systems, roof, windows, plumbing, all interior rooms, and plenty more. The inspection might find issues such as mold, water damage, termites, radon, and a host of other problems that you need to consider before you purchase.

Depending on what the inspection finds, your real estate agent can guide you in the next steps. Some issues are easily fixable, others might become part of the negotiating process, and some are too big to take on. 

Thankfully, your Real Estate Agent can help you make the best decision regarding inspection results.

Helping to Reduce Your Stress

Buying your first home is an amazing and exciting accomplishment, and you want to feel good about the process. Working with an experienced Real Estate Agent will help to lower your stress during this new experience and ensure that you check all the boxes along the way.

Whether the seller is dragging their feet and slowing down the process, you discover issues during inspection, you’re dealing with multiple offers on the home you want, or a host of other complications, you know you have a professional in your corner working for your benefit.

A real estate agent’s knowledge and experience in this area will help answer questions you have and guide you through the process

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