Getting Ready for The Market!

Getting Ready for The Market!

To many, the process of readying your home for sale can appear deceptively straightforward to the uninitiated. Granted, some steps are just as simple as they appear, such as home inspections; however, there are a number of subtler points that, should you fail to give them the attention they deserve, can leave an otherwise first-choice property trapped on the market for months.

Some of these deciding factors – such as school districts, the property’s age, etc. – are unfortunately out of your control as a seller; however, there are still plenty of ways for dedicated sellers to maximize their home’s value without breaking the bank on preparation costs.


One of the most critical factors in a home buyer’s decision-making process is their ability to see themselves living in the property. However, that can prove challenging if the property is too heavily personalized to the current owner’s tastes. This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with having a personal touch to your home, of course! But if you’re looking to sell, you must be willing to concede that it’s not truly your home any longer. Instead, you need to start thinking of how you can maximize your property’s appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

Personal Items

If you’re planning on moving out, then there’s no point in keeping all your treasured heirlooms and family photos laid out around the house. In fact, doing so can undermine your chances of a successful sale. The more personal items you have on display, the harder it becomes for buyers to envision themselves in the home.

Consider renting a storage unit for these objects until you’ve finalized the sale and found a new home; if you’d rather keep everything in one place, set up a dedicated storage room in your house. Pick a room that you’re comfortable leaving off the tour for buyers, such as an unfinished closet or basement.

Paint Jobs

Never underestimate the impact of color theory when it comes to sales. You may have enjoyed decking out your bedroom in that vibrant purple shade, but not everyone will share your appreciation for such color schemes.

Neutral, muted colors such as beige or grey may not make you stand out from the crowd, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case. Because these palettes are so universal, you’ll never have to worry about alienating potential buyers.

Make The Most Of Your Space With Staging

As we mentioned earlier, some factors in your property’s appeal are simply set in stone. After all, you can’t exactly pick up your house and move it a few blocks in order to boast a quick commute into town. That’s why it’s critical that you learn how to turn potential weak points in your property into prime selling points (or at least make them not quite as noticeable).

One trait that homebuyers almost universally value is open floor plans. The roomier things feel, the more freedom they have to imagine their own personal layout. If you’re not big on full-fledged remodeling in order to promote that sense, however, consider hiring stagers.

These individuals specialize in maximizing a house’s appeal through carefully-considered furniture arrangements. A couch in the right spot, a single flower on an end table, and a footstool by the fireplace are just a few examples of seemingly minuscule aesthetic choices that can make or break a home’s appeal. Consider asking your REALTOR® to put you in touch with some stagers in order to capitalize on this deceptively critical component of the selling process.

Reorient Your Perspective

If you truly wish to get the best possible value on your property, ask yourself the following: why? Almost undoubtedly your answer is somewhere along the lines of “So I have the budget I need to get my dream house!”

With that perspective in mind, try and tour your home as if you’re a buyer. Are there any issues you notice that, as a buyer, would turn you off? Leaky faucets, water stains in the ceiling, cracked paneling, these are all issues that we tend to lose sight of as a property’s owner; but as a first-time visitor, they speak volumes.

Bear in mind that in most cases, these visitors have just finished prepping their own house for sale, so the last thing they want is to go through that again with their new property. Do everything you can to make your home move-in ready. Whether that means uprooting old carpet, filling in dents in the walls, or replacing scratched-up wooden floors, do whatever it takes to make your property feel like it was just built.

These issues extend beyond the interior as well. When you spend months, or even years walking the same path up to your front door, you tend to filter out the more unsightly components of your exterior. Your home’s entryway is equivalent to first impressions for buyers, so you need to make that impression count. Paint your door, plant some flowers, trim the shrubs, anything you can think of to make people feel at home.

This may seem like quite the laundry list, but the benefits far outweigh the costs, both fiscal and otherwise. Buyers may not always take notice, but they’ll certainly recognize a house that’s had no effort put into it at all. If they sense that you’re not willing to go that extra mile, they’ll no doubt return that sentiment in kind with their offer, and your budget will suffer for it. Follow through with this guide, however, and your prospects will go up in turn!

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