5 Reasons Why You Need A Realtor When Buying A House

5 Reasons Why You Need A Realtor When Buying A House

When you’re buying a home, you will benefit tremendously from working with a Real Estate Agent who can help you find the perfect house, navigate all the paperwork, contingencies and ultimately ensure that you put forth your best offer.

Learn how a skilled real estate agent can improve your home buying process.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

If you’re in the market for a new house, your agent will help you find a home that fits the bill.

For every hour you spend with your Real Estate Agent, they spend an average of nine hours working behind the scenes on your behalf. That work includes researching homes online, reviewing properties in person, meeting with other agents to discuss upcoming listings, and more.

They are working hard to provide home buying options that include the features you want within your budget. If you’re moving out of state, they can offer valuable insight on the area without you investing the time to travel there.

Buying a home takes time! Your Real Estate Agent will be there through all aspects of the process, from attending open houses to managing inspections, evaluations, repairs, and more. They also will know if the home you’re considering is competitively priced.

Here are six reasons you want a Real Estate Agent in your corner when you buy a home:

1. Doing the Research

When you work with a Real Estate Agent, they ask you about the features and preferences you have in a home. Then, they put that information to use as they research homes that meet your needs and your budget in the area where you want to move. Agents have access to countless listings through databases and connections to other real estate agents. They do the legwork to bring you the best of the best options.

2. Negotiating a Competitive Offer

Once you’ve discovered a home that meets your expectations, they will help you negotiate an offer. They consider the asking price in comparison to similar homes in the area and help you determine what your initial offer should be. Typically, there is some back and forth between the seller and buyer, and your agent will remain by your side to assist through negotiations. They also know other negotiable terms that can help you, which might include things like closing date, repairs, attorney fees, and more.

3. Arranging the Paperwork

Spoiler alert—buying a home requires a lot of paperwork! This is an excellent reason to have a Real Estate Agent by your side. The vast number of documents included in a home sale can be confusing and overwhelming. They can simplify and organize this process, helping you to fill out all the paperwork correctly and on time.

4. Navigating Closing

All kinds of challenges can pop up as you work to close a deal on your home, for example, the mortgage or inspection could fall through. When you’re this close to the finish line, issues with closing can become very frustrating. Your real estate agent has been through this countless times! They know how to navigate the problems that might occur during closing and help you to stay calm through the process. They also will thoroughly explain all closing costs involved.

5. Assisting with Legal Issues

During the home buying process, the buyer agrees to purchase the home based on several factors. On a final walk through, you and your Real Estate Agent will ensure that all agreed upon conditions are met, for example, the home is empty, repairs are made, and promised appliances remain. If contingencies aren’t met, it’s important to have someone at your side who is familiar with these situations. Your agent might suggest that the seller provide funding for unfinished repairs as opposed to pushing back closing.

Choosing to Buy Without an Agent

You can choose to buy a home without a Real Estate Agent, but you will lose the expertise a professional brings to the process.

Your Real Estate Agent knows what to look for in a home inspection and can ensure a home is up to par. They also understand the mounds of paperwork involved in the home buying process and can help to walk you through it all.

Working without a Real Estate Agent means you have less access to information. They are part of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that provides a vast database of listings from all over the area. This system is only available to real estate agents and not the general public.

Going solo means you also lack help during the negotiation process. You might find it more difficult to determine if the listed price is competitive and what you should offer. You also lack the experience of a skilled agent who knows what other aspects can be negotiated during the process.

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